Radon Gas Testing

(Above) Certification of completion of the courses and examinations required to be a Radon Measurement/Testing Professional approved by Health Canada (C-NRPP.ca)

Approved by Health Canada for Radon Gas testing in Canada

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All Prices are including applicable tax

Professional Services (Short & Long- Term) $130

Short-term testing 4-10 days is available. Health Canada only recommends testing 90 days or longer. However, in some circumstances shorter term tests may be necessary, in which case particular conditions are set during the testing time and the results are can not be used to determine the need for a radon mitigation system without the use of further testing.

Long-term testing, three months or 91 days is the minimum standard that Health Canada approves for determining the need for radon mitigation.

Other Professional Testing services are also available-please ask for a free quote.

Rentals of Continuous Radon Gas Monitors

Continuous radon gas monitors can be rented for one week or two week time periods. Though the time periods are much shorter than Health Canada’s requirement of 90 days, they do provide a “ball park” measurement of radon gas levels and help to determine if further testing may be beneficial.

One week (two devices) $30

Two weeks (one device) $30

Sales of Long-Term Radon Gas Testing Kits

Approved long-term radon gas testing kits are available for purchase for $40. Return postage and all the information necessary to administer your own radon test is included.

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