One Hour Pre-Purchase Walk Throughs $100 including tax

Provides insights into the condition of the roof, attic, crawl space, HVAC system, electrical panel, exterior, and interior to the degree possible in one hour, plus bonus 10-15 minute thermal imaging scan, and Home Maintenance Repair book.

Joe Smits


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Review with pictures of recommended repairs and hard to access areas

At the end of the inspection there will be a brief review of the recommended repair items along with emailed pictures. It is an opportunity to have hard to access areas, attic, roof, crawl space, electrical panel) and the interior and exterior checked over prior to offers of purchase

Not to the Standards of Practice for Home Inspectors

Home inspections to the Standards typically require 2-3 hours of inspecting and in-depth reporting. A one hour walk through is not to the same depth or scope of inspection or reporting.

Home Maintenance Book

A free home maintenance book is given that provides additional information about home ownership and suggested repairs.

Bonus 10-15 Minute Thermal Imaging scan

Thermal imaging involves using a specialized camera that detects differences in temperature between objects and can show water penetration behind wall and ceilings before it it visible on the surface.

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