Maintenance Inspections

An inspection 2-3 hours long to find small problems before they become big and to prioritize upcoming repairs.

$200 for houses under 1500 SF

$250 for houses 1700-3000 SF

$270 for houses over $3500 SF

All prices are including applicable tax

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To the Standards of Practice of Home Inspectors

All the main systems of the house are inspected and reported on in a report that is provided within 24 hours. A hard copy of the report is available for an additional $40.

I am a certified member of InterNACHI
Hard Copy Report

Thermal Imaging Scan and Priority Repair List Included

Thermal imaging involves using a specialized camera that detects differences in temperature between objects and can show water penetration behind wall and ceilings before it it visible on the surface. A priority repair list highliights the repairs in the report that are recommended to be completed soon, and it includes the ages of the HVAC system and hot water heater where possible.

Two pictures of the same ceiling, with the second image highlighting a leaking pipe that has not yet penetrated the drywall.

Free Maintenance Repair Book

The Home Maintenance Book is a free gift that provides a reference for understanding the different systems of the house.

Home Maintenance Book

$5 donated towards the United Way of Sarnia Lambton from every Home Imspection

As a part of our focus on giving back to the community, we contribute to the United Way and all the organizations it supports.

Add-On Services

HRV Filter and Core cleaning $30, Furnace Filter Cleaning/Replacement-prices vary depending on size of filters; call for free quote.

HRV cover
Furnace Filter

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